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Hello! I am Andrew Veith, owner and CEO of DeftHands. Over the years, I have accumulated a reputation for being something of a Jack of all Trades. My CV, below, does not reveal all my talents or work I do. I am "Handy Andy" to my friends. I can fix broken plumbing, replace interior and exterior doors, paint, or simply primp up your place! I am an animal lover and find myself doing many house/pet sitting gigs. I have also worked as a private driver for the last two years. On top of sprucing up old houses in need of Tender Loving Care, providing transportation services, loving animals and plants while their parents are away, I web stuff, various types of technical support, ASL teaching/tutoring, deaf interpreting, and a lot of other things. Got a small job? Big job? My life journey has taught me well - I am a man of versatile talents.


Need a room or five painted?

Your website needs spicing up?

Content translated into ASL?

A ride?


Contact me! 


Click PDF for my CV. 

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